• My mother prefer water drink to siroup

My mother prefer playing volleyball to fishing

  • He is prefer capcay to seafood

He is prefer eating bakso to noodle

  • Sshe is prefer bicycle to motor cycle

She is prefer eating rice bowl to fried chicken

  • My husband prefer palying badminton to playstation

My husband prefer eating chicken balado to tempeh

  • My sister prefer cola to soda

My sister prefer palying dance to playing billiard


  • I like eating fish better than siomay

I like dringking water melon better than eating apple

  • I like playing basket ball better than playing snoker

I like using t-shirt better than using pajamas

  • My sister like stay in home better than walking

My sister like watching tv better than at cinema

  • My brother like fishing in river better than fishing at sea

My brother like read a newspaper better than read comic

  • My father like ninja better than cbr

My father like reading a newspaper better than reading a magazine


  • I would rather coffee than avocado juice

I would rather stay in apartment than go to the bar

  • He is would rather playing softball than playing golf

He is would rather eating lobster than eating octopus

  • My brother would rather sleep in room than watching tv

My brother would rather reading comic than reading newspaper

  • My father would rather driving car than driving motor cycle

My father would rather drinking tea than water drink

  • My uncle would rather eating siomay than milk

My uncle would rather visit zoo than visit mall


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